It is an interesting and perplexing human experience we all find our selves in-- where we all seem to be searching for solid "rocks", specific destinations , or answers from someone else. when the only constant thing is change, how could we ever actually arrive somewhere, that won't also change? Or how can anyone have all the answers to guide us? Despite all hope and assertion of will, there ceases to be any protocols or blue print for any individuals to follow.

So how in these times of Great Chaos and turmoil politically, do we keep our Persistence at par with the changes without wearing ourselves out?

Our best guess lies in our own observation of self, we have to tune inward so as to gauge exactly how we feel and what we need, not ignoring any of the truths of our being. we have to find our center of gravity, within our own selves.  Granted taking the opinions of others is very helpful since all the many factors can be overwhelming. Learning to listen to our own feelings is the single most important tool we can learn to live a most fulfilling and well "guided" life, to help us in the eye of the storm. This tool can give us our actual answers, and keep us actively engaged. I read somewhere about someones experience in choir where the choir was to sing notes that were extremely long lengths of time to hold a note, They learned the tactic of staggering, as a group, taking turns breathing, so as to not loose the fullness of the intended musical vitality.   if we can only learn to trust the process and our ears, our collective center of gravity is dependent on our individual center's of gravity... so don't forget to breathe in and likewise don't forget to breathe out, and take good care of yourself and each other. . trust that others will be singing when you are breathing. 

it is this constant looking outside of our selves for the answers that keeps our center of gravity away from our center... It makes even the most strong of us weak. reflect upon the term 'Organized chaos', used in reference to a tactic that governing forces use, to keep the sheep of society in survival mode and fear, with persistent claims and attacks of morality that threaten our collective integrity.  it paired with how most of us have our center of gravity out of our own reach, makes control of us very easy. now, more than ever is a time to get hold of our selves. 

when in doubt, remember that all the answers are already here with us, this reality is often more simple than our minds want it to be, which somehow makes it hard. We are the ones in our own way, when it comes to listening and allowing the journey to unfold. so that we can always be fresh with the actual moment and the consistently changing factors. 

 Most of us come from a school system that works on strengthening the mind and doesn't look at the whole being as one unit, it is simpler to provide care for part of the needs of the people and not all of the needs.  time is not allotted for discovering the self, feelings, pain, grief, and especially chaos. chaos is so natural, it has to happen. there is nothing to fix about chaos. it has to run its course. If we were taught to have a healthy relationship with our chaos, rather than taught to suppress it, we could learn tools to give it space and not let it over power our whole life. Allowing for the incorporation of it in our existence, as its not a matter of 'IF", it's a matter of when for all of us. We shall all have our turn in experiencing chaos and intense feelings. It is the suppression of these feelings and the lack of expressing chaos, is what is at the heart of all diseases.  

how do we incorporate a safe space to express and experience our selves,  so that we don't have to unlearn so much of what we are taught? so that we don't have to learn by our selves how to love our selves. How can we have this be an encouraged way of being (listening, allowing chaos, and emotional responses), instilling it like any good virtue? Teaching about change being constant and all of us being capable of achieving an incredible center of gravity. These are big questions. We simply need to start with our selves.  By embracing these parts of our selves, we might have enough compassion and courage to make a new standard of being. 

who is threatened by people that are empowered and listening and acting with thoughtfulness vrs merely reacting and eating what they are being spoon fed? What kind of industry thrives on people not thinking for themselves? Many industries thrive on this way of being. 

acquiring and spending money is a way of voting for what you want to support in the world, and sometimes we don't know how to pay attention to something unless we know how much it costs. Take a look at the words "Pay Attention" ---  Our attention is also a currency that we can use to pay for what we support. So. keep in mind if you start to feel like a deer in head lights and feel real frustrated. allow yourself some breathing room to stager yourself, so that you can find your way back to paying attention as soon as you are able. We can rest assure that our attention is worth more than money... So. don't forget to find your center of gravity,  let that little light of yours shine. Don't try to fix the chaos, allow it to run its course. Express your pain, grief, sadness, joy, excitement and chaos in as safe of a way as you can. listen deep, find the source of the pain and listen.  shine shine shine. on.