This has been nothing but a moving month on our Planet. The election has people feeling so many different ways. Its rather chaotic, with opposing points of view. I fully believe that we are all moving toward a greater understanding of how things actually are, as things get exposed into the light more and  more. It reminds me of the concept of the healing crisis, that sometimes occurs when things (in our body or otherwise) start to move and rearrange-- causing different order. this change can sometimes feel worse before it feels better. The key is to keep feeling in these challenging times, and to trust that you are going to know, in every given moment which way to go. 

I was happy to be studying with John Barnes for six days starting on election day. I did two of his Myofascial Release Seminars. Rebounding and the Cervical thoracic. It was profound for me, although not intentional for them, to have the rebounding class start on election day, of such a tumultuous election year. Being that the classes were being held out of state i had to vote early, Which was liberating in its own way, to have it already done. Furthermore, as I found myself in  a class that so intently had me diving deep into my subconscious holding patterns and letting go deeper and deeper into all the feelings that are holding me back... I was able to release the pulsating, different, varying degrees of emotions as soon as they came up. Ebbing and flowing with them, before they ever really got to solidify in my body. 

The Cervical Thoracic class was a little more understandable to my linear brain to comprehend in its validity, as it merely took on a specific part of the body in focus. The Rebounding component is more  subtle, yet a deeply rich component and I could not have imagined how important it is, without experiencing it. The work speaks for itself. And as John said " no matter how beautiful the music is, if the audience is deaf, they are not going to hear it... so you just keep doing your work, because it speaks for itself". Myofascial Rebounding utilizes the fluid/energy dynamics to greatly enhance your Myofascial Release effectiveness in reducing pain, increasing function, and awareness. Helping to bring the sub conscious, into the conscious.

In this class I found myself exploring the subtle difference between trusting my intuition and listening to all the hinting nuances that block it from being confidently present all the time. What I have discovered is that my fear or lack of trust that wafts through me like a passing breeze or scent-- at times, is the very thing that keeps me from being on point. The most powerful thing we can do for anyone we love in this life is to be with them exactly as they are. And furthermore empower their intuition, as we all learn to listen to our own inner heart voice. We all have it. If we don't trust that, we will continue to hold it at bay, and lack the Ally that we could potentially have in ourselves. 

This week I have embarked in another spectrum of my healing journey -- holding a "group" with some of our local youth 18-24 years old, that find refuge in Life House as a resource to get their life moving where they want. I was called upon to assist in holding a group, as more and more youth are looking for an outlet for their spiritual journey without discrimination or expectation. Together I hope to find some way to bring us all, as a group there, on a journey within. using music, meditation, holding hands, and any sharing they want to bring to our woven basket to better support this experience of life, together. With some trust in the moment, and sincere commitment to the journey we will find some solace in knowing that we have many tools within our selves that are always there for us. 

Trust yourself, you know the way. There is no way around, only through every obstacle of our life. 

blessings to you all.