I have had an amazing Journey being on the corner of Lake and Superior street for the past 8 years. It has been a place of refuge right in the middle of Babylon, I call it the healing temple. it has felt like a temple to me always, the high ceilings and grand expansive feeling in such a quant spot. About 5 years ago, I did a remodel to the space which made it perfect for me in so many ways. My fist few years there was primarily credited to Emily Heart, an amazing acupuncturist in our North land Midst. She had a vision to share spaces with as many healers as would like to gather there. At one point we had 12 of us up there, and 4 treatment room/offices,  offering many services with great heart. Reiki, yoga, community acupuncture, private Acupuncture, massage, herbal apothecary, herbal consulting, goods and festival planning and celebrations.... I am probably forgetting something, it felt like a lot. We called ourselves Rooted Folks Community Wellness.  Semi slowly it began to dwindle back and back until at last (for the past 5 years), it has been just me up in that space. Emily had moved her practice home for quite a while... and a year and a half ago or so, she reopened Rooted Folks Center for evolution in Superior WI with her twin Sister Blaire. I am happy to see it find growth and new life, as we all continue on. 

I am feeling particularly reminiscent recently because coming very shortly, January 1, I too will be Immigrating my healing practice to another location and The original space will transform to its own new life. I have been asked to join forces with Jodie Cope Acupuncture above the snooty fox tea shop in the Chester Creek Garden building on the corner of 19th Avenue East and 8th Street (kiddy corner from chester creek cafe/saras table) . I am very much looking forward to this change. I know this space will be enjoyable to work ats Ronnie Mae, another amazing massage therapist has been putting all sorts of good energy into the space for the past 4 years. She is going on a new life adventure now.  There are so many advantages to this change for me and the recipients of my work including but not limited to:

Parking, although its not perfect, even the worst of parking is likely closer than any of the downtown options and its free. We will all be able to avoid downtown traffic! Also, The space is handicap accessible! This has been a desire for my space since, forever. And last but not least Jodi's treatment room is right next door. so, need be (and set up in advance of course) you could have the experience of one stop treatment shop.  To learn more about Jodie Cope click right on her name in this sentence. And come and see the new space!!