Valentines day is coined as a 'Hallmark' Holiday. But anytime I see the masses acknowledging love as a primary focus, without attaching it to anything specific, I applaud with great enthusiasm!

I fully believe though that you can not love anyone any more than you love yourself. So it is my simple practice, that anytime I hit a wall in my personal relationship or with my loved ones nearest to my personal heart sphere, that I do something to honor and love myself. To walk through and not around the obstacles in life, is of the highest value of which money can not buy, and to do so with utmost compassion and kindness to the process. 

sometimes when we hit these walls we need to call upon others to help us feel where we are in time and space again. Massage has been a great tool for me in my most emotionally challenging times. helping me to find my center again. it almost feels as though the safe hands that i let work on me are showing me where my body is in time and space and that I  am able to more clearly find my internal pathway to opening up my heart again. It brings more joy and depth to my interpersonal relationships, because I am able to bring more of my clarity and fullness of heart to the table, as we break bread together. 

"the body is thy temple"

quite literally by becoming my own best valentine, I become a truly heart shining valentine for the ones i hold near and dear. 

Love Big or go home. 

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